Raghu, the Rascal #BlogchatterA2Z

Raghu used to work on a roadside eatery in Rajasthan. Though thin and short, he had something in his attitude that said, “don’t mess with me.” No wonder coming from eastern part of India, he made a living in the western Indian desert without even understanding the language. That is our Raghu, a stree smart... Continue Reading →

Third Gender #CarrotRanch

“Boy or girl Sakharam?” “ Dr Saheb wants to see me?” Sakharam answered, “I have cleared dues.” “Sakharam, your baby is a third gender,” Dr Sahai head of obstetrics and gynecology informed “we can make her a girl by surgery; it will cost money.” “What is this third gender, brother?” a confused Sakharam asked. “Bhai... Continue Reading →

Quandary #BlogchatterA2Z

“Hukum Singh is not well,” Samsher was informed by his father over the phone, “you must visit him in the hospital.” Hukum Singh gave Samsher his first opportunity of a real job. It is his moral obligation to visit the ailing man. Add to that, his father has asked Sam to do a job, which... Continue Reading →

Workaholic #FridayFictioneer

Month of April this year, has been unusually cold. Still a snowfall! It caught him by surprise as he got up to prepare for the upcoming business meeting with clients in another continent. He was not equipped to drive in this condition. He was not sure if his city was, either. Authorities did make an... Continue Reading →

Pain #BlogchatterA2Z

“Listen boys, I shall not accept any security lapse this evening,” thundered O P Khurana, “our heads will be served on a platter if a single black flag is seen by the chief guest”. Sam was surprised to hear booming voice of Mr. O P Khurana outside the venue of award ceremony. Mr. Khurana was... Continue Reading →

Outsmarted #BlogchatterA2Z

"Everyone knew Jaswant Singh’s daughter Shefali to be smart and good looking," Sam was sharing his crush on Shefali, daughter of Jaswant Singh. Jaswant Singh being a maths teacher in school, not many could approach her for fear of upsetting the teacher. Not Samsher. He did not care much for his grades, which were low... Continue Reading →

Navratra #BlogchatterA2Z

Autumn is a beautiful season. Unbearable summer sun starts to beat a retreat. Evenings become cooler. According to legend, this is the time Lord Rama had sought blessings from mother goddess, the lion tamer, for victory against the demon king Ravana. For nine days and nine nights, devotees eat vegetarian food, pray at mother’s feet... Continue Reading →

Teaching is an Exalted Profession #Teachers

This week's Indispire prompt raises question about credentials of a teaher. Should a teacher hanker after money? In my mind, in Indian tradition a teacher is considered next to god. Given the exalted position of the profession in the society, only those interested in pursuit of truth and knowledge should join the profession. This is... Continue Reading →

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