My India

My India a superpower,

claimed by many.

Broken roads after heavy rain,

a clear testimony.

Go to bed hungry still countless many,

full granary empty stomach,

what an irony!

Subsidies for poor usurped by greedy,

crooked loot public money,

in the name of needy.

Some live life of luxory,

many barely survive,

contrast here very sharp,

where a billion people live.

Might here usually right,

justice slow painfully,

powerful get away,

almost effortlessly.

Opinion here comes easy,

solution very scarcely.

Oppurtunist hold hostage

society almost willy nilly..

Still love my India,

superpower or not,

practicing democracy,

despite all odds.

Not easy to manage India,

a land of such diversity,

languages change,

as does culture

with altering geography.

My India, a nation of young

full of vibrant energy,

moving forward to a bright future

despite glaring dichotomy.

India, like a banyan tree,

giving shelter to many,

attempting a common vision

amid huge diversity.

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