Do not sensationalise attack on Indians in Australia

In this month several attacks on Indian students have come up in the media. Many students and their families have spent a lot of hard earned money for higer education and eventually a better life. If students are unsettled this may affect their academic pursuit, some may return home. This may have consequence on families back home and may be to some extent on Australian economy and reputation as a good host. It will be a tragedy because Australian universities are really world class in the quality of education.

Tragic as these incidents are, let us not escalate the situation by calling the incidents as racist events. Our highcommission has also refused to follow thie racism theory. I think this is a mature response. Criminal elements are there every where. They come up more during economic hardship. Let law and order machinery take care of the issue/s. Meanwhie, let us stop going to town under racism umbrella. Ther are many very decent Australians. Let us not forget support Dr. Hanif received. Remember Indian cricket team saga a few years before. Please do not forget Aman Kachroo incidence recently in India. That is no less gruesome.Let sanity prevail.

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