Society of hellraisers

In my last post I had argued that we should let the law and order machinery take care of issues in Australia. Oflate several news articles as well as independent observers have also advocates similar approach. As a person who has spent some time outside my native place, I can advice that it is extremely important to mingle with local population without forgetting one’s root. Otherwise one may always feel as an outsider in his or her adopted land. Afterall, it was your own choice to migrate as it is your duty to assimilate.

Coming to the issue of so much hue and cry, I am somewhat confused why are we so consumed by something happening far far away. Why do we not put similar energy to happenings within our country. Certainly, India is diverse enough and it has many burning issues that need our attention and heated debate. In the similar token, why do we get so worked up when someone else talks about our problems.

Is it because we are young and dewy eyed and cannot conatin our excitement at something that we do not like? Is it our new found awareness and confidence based on our economy that we can change world and world has to listen? Or this is purely TRP driven manufactured debates to attract viewership.

Whatever may be the driver, I feel the rest fo the world looks at us as a soceity of hellraisers with an ostrich like attitude towards our own follies. May god bless us all.

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