My driver Ramprasad

Ramprasad is a good driver. He came to drive my car when I was not well few years before. Since then he has been with us. Not a very talkative type unless in right mood or company. However, he confided in me that he has six kids. Some have gotten married others are going to school or trying their hands on vocations.

Ramprasad is a frugal and hardworking person. Recently he borrowed money to build a tenement on a piece of land in Delhi – UP border. He also borrowed money to marry his daughter off. Ramprasad promised repay the loan in installment from his salary. Inorder to save money Ramprasad shifted his residence to his new home. He was commuting daily nearly 30 km one way in his bicycle. Somedays starting as early as 3 am in the morning.

Last week Ramprasad was accused of stealing a fellow drivers mobile phone at office. To add more spice to the story, his fellow driver was driving organisation heads car – technically a VVIP among fellow drivers. To complicate matter Ramprasad disappeared.. As master of Ramprasad’s life and bread I had to accept the onus and pay penalty. Many adviced me to get rid of him.

My dilemma is do we not sometime lose our sanity and engage in antisocial actvity? Can we judge a person for one small lapse where our leaders in every field are sucking the pool for common people dry? Can we condone one and punish other. May be he has erred, but he still is a good person. I am confused.

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