Ramprasad quits

Last week has been interesting to say mildly. Ramprasad after messing with a fellow drivers mobile phone, confided in a colleague about his temporary insanity and his guilt. He also declared his intention of not coming back to work. This, while keeping me in the dark and inspite of a long chat at my home and his promise to come back.
With Ramprasad, went down my fity thousand rupees that he took as loan in the pretext of building a house and marrying his daughter off. I am at a loss for action. Ramprasad has kept his phone switched off. His wife is adament abouther husband’s innocence. Ramprasad is immune to advice. Everyday, other drivers come up with new stories of Ramprasad’s antics.
What are my choices? Can I go to police? I am not sure police is worried about lesser mortal like me and petty criminal like Ramprasad. Is it worth tracking Ramprasad down and recover my money? I have neither time, nor money or muscle? Meddling with Ramprasad may become a law and order issue. Bigger problem is should I not help a needy person in good faith? Is it worth living like a sinic? But how much can I lose? There has to be a balance and a way out of this confusion.

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