Encounter with Delhi Police and Lalgarh

This week is to be rememberd for failure in dealing with authority effectively.I walked into Vasant Kunj Police station, second time in two weeks to submit form to verify antecedents of my driver Harish. On the first occassion, my form was rejected because of lack of proof of residence document. This time I went prepared with school leaving certificate of Harish as proof. One of the officers remembered me, and adviced his colleague / boss to double check address proof. Second officer, looked at me from top to bottom, and adviced me to sit down. Although there was no arrangement. One bench was arranged to face the officer on the other end when seated. May be this was his way to show who was the boss there. The officer declared the proof was not good enough. Why? I asked frustrated. He explained, education being a fundamental right, anybody can get education anywhere in India. So this may not be good enough. I asked but who will go to remote Garhwal himalayas to get his high school education from Calcutta, Mumbai or Chennai or from any other part of India for that matter? Could police have not found out from school something about the student?
Officer appeared unconvinced of these possibilities and rejected my application. His colleage adviced sympathetically that I should fire the driver. I came out frustrated second time with a gnawing feeling that I was taken for a ride by another police officer. Was this a ploy to get a bribe or simple unwillingness to work? God only knows. So much for people friendly Delhi Police.
Outside the police station, I asked my driver to get a document signed by his local headman from village. He promised to do the needful meanwhile a month will pass. May be I shall be successful the third time.
I was told the police party visits the village and demands bribe to the tune of Rs.2000 as a result most people are reluctant to give the proper address. What is the use of rules and processes, if people behind are not good. Crime can never be solved with corrupt policemen that leave rich and powerful in exchange of favor and torment poor, helpless and those who want to follow rules.
Along the same line, Lalgarh in West Bengal is in the news. Many believe it all started when police started harassing innocent women and children in the pretext of catching Maoist. This after a failed attempt at Chief minister. Ofcourse, one cannot ignore the failed administration in West Bengal. After 30 years of uninterrupted rule, there is incredibly poor infrastructure, lack of healthcare, hunger in people friendly left front run state of West Bengal. Now if people protest in frustration, they are revolting. What about our government and its machineries – police, bureaucracy and so on.
God save us. I think we stink at the core as human beings and that is why we treat poor, and underprivileged so poorly. There must be a way out. I do not know what and how.

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