Austerity Drive

Indian national congress is going into austerity drive. It may be a good idea to improve public percepton of politicians. Congress party has asked its ministers to give up flying business class. Two ministers living in a hotel suite were asked to vacate, even when their official residence was not ready and ministers were footing the bill on their own.
It is accepted that uncouth show of wealth is abominable. But one size fits all attitude may come in the way of functioning of government departments. It is accepted that austerity must come from within. It cannot be made a straight jacket. We are trying to come out of protracted socialism. When people advocated austerity infront, but practiced corruption behind. Certainly poverty did not come down during socialist rule and austerty drive.
Please leave practice of austerity to individuals. Austerity does not necessarily mean honesty and efficiency. Please bring efficiency and honesty in public dealing. Lift people from poverty so that they can choose to practice austerity by choice not by compulsion.

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