Indian Democracy

A lot has happened since I wrote last time. Mr. Madhu Koda was found to be buying mines abroad using public money. Fraud claimed to be in the tune of 4000 crore. Scam getting bigger and criminals becoming more and more brazen. In stead of feeling embarassed, Mr. Koda is cocking a snook at enforcement directorate and fighting election. Is this democracy where nobody cares for law and everything is fine if one can win an election? I am surprised why election commission is not asking Mr. Koda to clear his name and fight election? Why nobody is filing a public interest litigation and restraining Mr. Koda from contesting?

The other day hundreds of thousand of farmers descended upond Delhi. Their demand sugarcane price has become too low to sell by government directive. It is fine for them to protest in support of their livlihood. But these people destroyed tourist spot like ancient observatory – Jantar Mantar, by urinating, beer drinking and generally creating nuiscance. Why did no one stopped them? What was police doing? Why did no one caught hold of the political leader and ask him / her to pay for damages? No body has answer. Is indiscipline equals to democracy?

Other day, it came in the news paper and news channels that Mr. Manu Sharma, a convicted killer was granted bail on flimsy ground. Many believe political connection of his father got him bail. Mr. Sharma came out to oversee his business and to visit his ailing mother. His mother was not ailing and what kind of system allows a convincted killer to get bail to oversee business. Only in India, a democracy where power and money can buy anything to anybody.

Finally a year has gone since last attack by terrorists on Bombay. Strangely, we have not seen any incidence since that attack on 26 Nov, 2008. Is it our efficiency or terrorists are busy fighting Pakistan army in Balochistan? I do not know. But I do not have a lot of faith on our law enforcement machinery. Firstly people are willing to do anything for money. Second foot soliders are poorly paid, live in poor condition while officers lick boots of political masters and give interviews. Has anything really changed, we may not know till next attack. Hard to change anything in Indian democracy.

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