Indian Democracy and Anna Movement

In the attached article ( Shekhar Gupta has questioned necessity of Anna movement given that India has a democratic setup. I am proud of Indian democracy, I think our system is not accountable to its constituents. Anna movement was asking for a lokpal so that rulers can be probed. Mr. Raja did not resign or go to jail on his own. Congress government at the centre was indifferent at best, and hand in glove at worst. It was parliament boycott by opposition parties that forced Raja to resign. Supreme court pushed CBI to file chargesheet for Raja to go to jail. Same happened with Kalmadi. Delhi government simply refused to accept CAG report on infrastructure mismanagement. Massive amount spent on infrastructure development for CWG. Already roads are crumbling. The list goes on. Opposition ruled states are no better. In this scenario what are the alternatives with common people. We would definitely like to change the government. Bureaucracy is not accountable electoral process. Without resorting to violence, Anna Hazare went to nonviolent fast. How is this subverting Indian democracy and democratic systems. We want a system that is sensitive and accountable. We want a system where guilty can be charged, judged and punished, if found guilty, within a reasonable time frame, not after 20 years of crime. Also, to get justice we do not have to wait for change of government. Because without systems next government will behave in the same way.

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