Thirty four year misrule in West Bengal

A commentary on state of affairs in West Bengal has appeared in Telegraph (The Telegraph – Calcutta (Kolkata) | Bengal | GraveyardBengal TMC tidal wave that dislodged 34 year long left front rule.

The commentary highlights sorry state of Bengal in every front. I think 34 years is too long a time for a party to stay in power. It creates a sense of invincibility and complacency. That is what exactly happened to left in West Bengal. I also think as long as people are poor they latch on to system that fight to get freebies (not in a derogatory sense) for people. Partiies get vote in return. But society is not stagnant. So when have nots have something, they do not want to share it anymore with less fortunate. At that time these people move away from leftist – socialist system. So in a way for left to keep winning, it is their interest to keep people poor. State of West Bengal is a clear example. There is a sense of entitement without actually working for it. Left is responsible for creating it. Industry after industry has closed. Academic institutions in shambles. A leftist system wants everyone to think alike. This society can hardly produce a Tagore or Einstein because there is no respect or encouragement for individual brilliance or free thinking.

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