Do not Send Politicians to Raj Bhavan

Machinations of Mr.H. R. Bhardwaj
Recently, governor of Karnataka honorable Mr. H. R. Bhardwaj had recommended dismissal of duly elected government of Karnataka. As per earlier events, 11 MLAs had rebelled against Mr. Yeddyurappa. Mr. Yeddyurappa had these MLAs disqualified with speakers help and got himself a majority in the assembly floor test. Recently, supreme court had declared that the original disqualification was not correct. However, according to court as well as admission of MLA themselves, the members remained in Mr. Yeddyurappa’s fold. Mr. Bhardwaj had been trying to destabilise this government for some time using members of congress party as well as Mr. Krishnaswamy. He pounced on the opportunity to remove first BJP government in the south India.
There is very little to choose between greedy Yeddyurappa and scheming H. R. Bhardwaj. Personally unctuous smile of Mr. Yeddyurappa sends revulsion down my spine. But, how much my dislike is for Mr. Yeddyurappa, it is clear that in democracy, one having the number is the king. Mr. Yeddyurappa has the MLAs on his side. Even if Mr. Bhardwaj is convinced of corrupt practices of Mr. Yeddyurappa, he has no option but let Mr. Yeddyurappa have a floor test to prove his majority in the assembly. Then question is why does Mr. Bhardwaj does what he does? Simplest thing that comes to mind is Mr. Bhardwaj is a politician. He cannot stay away from the blood and gore of real life politics. Sanctified atmosphere of Raj Bhawan is too clean for him. Actually he is trying to please his political masters so that he can get a ticket for next election. The clear message from this episode and many others like this is, do not lower dignity of Raj Bhawan by rewarding politicians with governors post. Once a governor, one should be out of active politics.

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