A Clever Enemy is Better than a Foolish Friend

Never has this saying become more appropriate than when Mr. G was adviced to claim murder in Bhatta – Parsaul villages in greater NOIDA area of UP. Mr. G actually gathered a lot of support and sympathy when he started highlighting injustice meted out to villagers by UP government and strong builder lobby. Land was purchased for pittance from farmers by UP government to build expressway. This land was given to property builders to build formula 1 racing track, luxury housing etc at much higher price. Farmers protested violently, no doubt under instigation by politicians, held two government employees hostage and injured a district magistrate. Government fought back with all might and beat up villagers.
In this back drop came young Mr. Rahul Gandhi. He listened and articulated villagers plight an atrocity of government’s might. But it became suspicious when Mr. Gandhi started screaming murder. He claimed to have discovered human remains in pile of ashes. UP government was forced to initiate enquiry. In the end, Mr. Gandhi came out with an egg on his face as no evidence of human remain was detected, no villager was reported missing, and no woman corroborated reported rape story.
Why did otherwise sincere and honest Mr. Gandhi said what he said. My suspicion is he was adviced by none other than Mr. Digvijay Singh. Ever eager to pounce on half chances, to make amends for Bhushan CD episode and ultimately to please Mr. Rahul Gandhi and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi , Mr. Singh gambled. However, this may not be Mr. Digvijay Singh’s summer. He managed to embarrass Mr. Rahul Gandhi and damage his credibility. That is why the adage goes “a clever enemy is better than a foolish friend”.

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