Does End Justify Means

Farmers in greater NOIDA, UP, are clashing violently with Police. This has been captured on television camera footage. End result was loss of life for two PAC (People Armed Constabulary)jawans. District magistrate of Gautam Budh Nagar, NOIDA, under whose jurisdiction villages Bhatta-Parsaul falls was also injured. Police also engaged in violence. Two villagers died in police firing. Police beat up villagers, ransacked homes, broke furnitures, damaged house hold goods. Some claimed women were molested also. Television cameras clearly captured that villages were on fire.

Farmers had sold their land to UP government. Government acquired land to build expressway. Farmers had sold their land and got compensation. However, when property builders came in and bought the land from government, they started selling at much higher price. This had angered farmers and they felt cheated. Farmers demanded more money at par with market rate existing in more developed NOIDA.

It is a debatable point if farmers became greedy because land was selling at much higher price by builders. Farmers demang for higher price for their land is genuine. Farmers should also demand jobs because they are giving up their livlihood. It is also possible farmers had not managed their money and in all liklihood spent / wasted their land money. As they are running out of money they became greedy and desperate for more. In this situation, farmers might have been instigated by people with political ambition. All of these explanations may be correct and should be looked into. May be when farmers sell their land they should be taught how to manage their money on a long term basis.

But broader point being politicisation of issues by parties that landed in droves in Bhatta – Parsaul villages. Only ostensible reason was to get milege in upcoming UP elections. All parties condemned government and police violence. Mr. Rahul Gandhi went to the extent of declaring mass murder and rape by PAC in the villages. Every party practiced double standards. Congress and Rahul Gandhi were silent when similar agitation happened in Jaitapur to setup nuclear reactors.

But BJP is no different. BJP always complained of Maosit killing of police in Naxalite infested areas. How come BJP did not utter a single word on violence unleashed by villagers on PAC jawans? BJP government in Chattishgarh slapped sedition charge on Dr. Binayak Sen. Dr. Sen spent at least two years in jail. Tribals are fighting for their land and livlihood. How is their violence different from farmers violence in greater NOIDA?

If one looks at television footages, one can see one PAC jawan being runover by car. One jawan was being beaten mercilessly by villagers. No party, including BJP, condemned this violence by farmers. Please enact law to ensure farmers get their due. Farmers should be the first beneficiary of developemnt that comes out of their livlihood. But does this justify violence? Similarly, does this justify silence of major political parties like Congress and BJP on violence unleashed by farmers? I do not think double standard is fair. All parties are fishing in troubled water with an eye on UP election. But end does not always justify means.

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