Fasting Yogi : Baba Ramdev

Yog teacher baba Ramdev has announced to go on fast. His demand get back black money stashed in foreign banks, hang corrupt people till death, remove Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes, make Hindi official language and many such things. Baba’s demands range from sublime to ridiculous. Government, however, taking baba seriously. Ministers have met jet setting baba at the airport. Ministers and baba have also met at Claridges hotel. Meanwhile Ramlila ground in Delhi is being spruced up with airconditioner, collers, ICU etc for baba’s fast.

People perceive the present government has an extremely callous attitude to coruuption.If government had acted on numerous scams that has engulfed it, the present situation would not arise. Mr. Raja did not resign on his own. He was forced to resign by relentless opposition attack. Same about Mr. Kalmadi, and now may be another member of same family from southern alliance partner. The space left vacant by our elected representatives have been occupied by Anna, baba et al.

Government has persistently tried to thwart the lokpal bill drafting effort. First a doctored CD appeared and tried to sully the images of Prashan Bhushan and Shanti Bhushan. Then effort was made to drive a wedge between Anna team. Then government came back with a much diluted bill that did not want to include Prime minister, MPs etc. All these appeared that government was trying to buy time. In spite of all these drafting process is still on. At this time, it beats me, what is the hurry for Baba to have a fast at this time. I think Baba’s timing of fast is awful. Fast of baba will take attention away from main issue and give government oppurtunity to say that civil society is divided, so more time is needed to arrive at a concensus.

It appears someone else is fishing in troubled water. Who can this be? We know attempt had been made to sully the image of Bhushan’s, members of lokpal bill drafting team, earlier. The major beneficiary of a failed bill, are politicians of different hue. May be they have come under one disruptive umbrella to protect their own interest. It has also become apparent that RSS, sangh parivar and may be BJP is also joining the fast of baba. In this age of competitive fasting, Indian people may be deprived of a strong lokpal bill.

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