In India high and mighty never accepts judgements that goes against them to be fair. May be it is an indication of their thought process and state of mind. Being crooked and corrupt to the bone, they think every one else to be the same.

Take for example, Ms. Kanimozhi, daughter of ex chief minister of Tamil Nadu, was denied bail twice by CBI court. Ms. Kanimozhi is in jail in relation to accepting graft in 2G spectrum case. All along Mr.Karunanidhi had maintained that his daughter is innocent, never mind court has denied her bail twice, and she has been framed by CBI and the Congress party. Mr. Karunanidhi has also expected that government should help Ms. Kanimozhi get bail.

What is the implication of such expectation? Should CBI put forward a weak case so that Ms. Kani gets acquitted? Or worse should government act on back channel and influence a judge. If Karunandihi is expecting such thing, does that means this really happens? If true, then this is sinister and preposterous. Many innocent, poor and unconnected languish in jail without even trial. But connected, influential people with money power get away from the system.

Let us take another case. Recently, US court in Chicago had cleared Mr. Tawahhur Rana of any involement in Mumbai terrorist attack. Mr. Rana, however, has been found guilty of plotting attack on Danish newspaper editor. He is likely to face 30 year jail term. Immediate reaction in India was betrayal. It is difficult to understand why was Mr. Rana found guilty of Danish cartoonist attack but not in Mumbai attack? Did a weak case was presented to extract more cooperation from Pakistan for antiterrorist operation? In that case why was Mr. Rana convicted at all? Did someone influence the system to doctor the verdict? These are very sinister possibilities. If real, why expect anything from the US. Or to get a favorable judgement, cosy up to US and do their bidding. I think, justice system in the US is fair. The system has no reason to favor one brown man over another. We should accept the judgement with more equianimity. Is this our mindset that believes that everything can be fixed, brings us to such conclusion?

Is this an indication how corrupt and crooked we are!

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