Mumbai Attack : History Repeats Itself

Another terrorist attack happended in Mumbai. Ninteen people died. Who may be sole bread earners for their families. Whatever Indian state has done to aggrieved parties, what is the fault of these people? No body has any answer.

Mean while common people are confused. How can we be safe when government has not learnt much after major attack on the city two years before. People are angry that government seem to be paralysed and enmeshed in corruption. At the same time, VIPs come, both from ruling and opposition parties. Only thing that grab peoples mind is their security, empty promises and political oneupmanship.

Chief minister says, important items needed for police could not be procured because of bureaucratic red tape. News papers showed picture of upturned speed boat procured to chase criminals on sea. A sign of gross negligence and waste of peoples money. Atlest chiefminister was honest and expressed his helpless ness. Is this enough. To be fair, at least police appeared at the blast site fast. Is this enough.

Some are blaming police chief for his inability. Some are blaming state and central home minister. Is this failure of policy or procedure? Do we care? Aree the lost lives going to come back by the hair splitting analysis? Any solace for families of blast victims?

Why not start with polic reform. Give police autonomy. Let police chief be independent and raises his own budget for people and equipment. Let chief be accountable to nation and not to party in power. If police is hired fairly without without having to pay bribe, they may be more honest and accountable. Police needs to be trained, equipped and humane. Use technology and humans to gather intelligence.

We as people are callous, careless and have very little attention to detail. We have to be more vigilant about objects lying in crowded places. Given the state of our public places, that is nearly impossible. Why not clean up places, do not clutter with polybags and garbage. Give information to police. Without people’s support any effort will be meaningless.

Some people most certainly have helped the mad killers. It may not be possible to pinpoint them. But an equitable and caring society may lower anger of angry citizens that are fighting imaginary enemy. Bomb blast does not kill or spare any particular community. It is blind in its path of destruction.

VIPs instead of visiting site of accident, should phone victims or their relatives. This will be a great PR and personal gesture. It will show administration cares, people will feel good and grateful and public resource for emergency effort will not be stretched.
Finally, it can be claimed that after 26/11 this is only third incidence in such a big country. However, every attack is one too many and human lives cannot be mere statistics.

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