Human Kindness in a Feudal Society

I drive from Delhi to Hisar in Haryana state very often. I see a lot of infrastructure development. New 6 lane highways are built. New flyovers are being constructed. All around connectivity is being developed. Haryana is one of the most prosperous states. People here have a lot of money. However, Haryana has a dark side.... Continue Reading →

Supermarket vs. Neighborhood Stores

In Sep, 2012, UPA II government at the centre, allowed by executive decision FDI in multibrand retail. There was a lot heated protest and principal partner of UPA II, The All India Trina Mool Congress (TMC) withdrew support from the government reducing central government to minority status.A lot has been said about pros and con... Continue Reading →

Centrifugal vs. Centripetal forces of life

Everyone feels sometime or other that they should be something else. The centripetal force of the unknown and untested pull us outward. Centrifugal force of society, family and friends pull us towards common practice. Majority of us make compromise, some become rebel and others go insane. It is important to balance between our duty and... Continue Reading →

Kudamkulum Power Station a Dire Necessity

Given the power situation in India, it is important that Kudankulum plant goes into operation. Without power our economy will come to a grinding halt. Without economic regeneration our young population cannot study, cannot get job, hospitals cannot function, and in short all aspects of modern life will be affected. We can stop this process... Continue Reading →

Ever since Ms. Mamata Banerjee has decided to end relationship with UPA II she is coming up with all kind of charges. Some true and veracity of others difficult to judge. But the simple question remains, didi was a part of the same government for at least 6 years. She and her party colleague had... Continue Reading →

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