Man Mohan Singh : Disillusioned Prime Minister

To be fair to our prime minister, I think he is a demoralised man. All of his economic ideas and plans were junked by more powerful Mrs. Gandhi. Ideal situation for Dr. Singh would be someone like Sonia Gandhi will handle politics, actually Pranab Mukherjee was doing just that, and Dr. Singh will run government. However, congress came into power due to social benefit of MNREGA. This along with coalition compulsion, dipping congress popularity due to one scam after another, aggressive activists, changed congress party’s game plan. Party wanted to win election. Prime Minister knew unless you earn, you cannot spend. Right from the second term of UPA, Dr. Singh realised he cannot set the agenda, but as head of government he had to share the blame. He had to tolerate A Raja, Mamata in the name of coalition dharma, and abandon his position. Pranab Mukherjee ran the finance ministry as a politician. Many congress men were trying to get Rahul Gandhi to lead the government, never mind Rahul was decent or not competent not to accept. an academic, Dr. Singh was not as glib as politicians to wiggle out of messy situations. May be that is why he was so silent and generally uncomfortable speaking his mind. However, he could have very well resigned, rather than being humiliated. This was his folly. 

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