David vs. Goliath

This is a good article in Tehelka magazine. Small people, powerless people, poor people are taken for granted, treated shabbily in India. To the extent many believe our greatest curse is to born poor. Thanks to many people that do not care for their own prosperity and benefit, have taken up the task of organising poor people and given voice to their concerns. Movement after movement are coming up that indicate people are not willing to take things lying down on matters of their life, and liberty. I think it is imperative governments must talk to its citizens when they decide to build industry, dam, power plant or dig for mineral wealth. People that are being displaced must be given their due compensation as per law. It is not as a mercy, but as a matter of right. There is no denying we need development, but not over the dead bodies of our own people. Leaders must learn to take people along, and not take people for granted. Afterall, those giving up their land and livlihood are no less than soldiers guarding our borders. These people are sacrificing their today, for nation’s tomorrow. Respect their sacrifice.

Tehelka – India’s Independent Weekly News Magazine

The concept of fair play is clearly a dying idea among India’s elite. Nothing captures this more than the on-going tussle over the Land Acquisition Act and the dismal inability of the UPA-2 government — specifically the Prime Minister and some in his Cabinet — to respond to any policy change from a 

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