Lethargic UPA Government

I think this incidence reflects generalised inertia that has gripped our national government. No body wants to take any decision, no body wants to verify facts, starting from Prime Ministers Office to ministries that are incharge of different resource allocation. I read in Outlook magazine, inspite of a highpower committee incharge of coal block allocation, no one bother to undertake due diligence on potential allottees. Is this scam or is this lethargy? I think, the attitude of government reflects the attitude of the person on top. If Man Mohan Singh is a disillusioned man because of his inability to push through his agenda, this percolates down to other areas. Prime Minister is not a politician. He cannot talk his way out of a sticky situation. So he keeps quiet. He does not want corrupt ministers, he does not want populist system, but he has to tolerate likes of Raja and Mamata in the name of coalition politics. Man Mohan Singh has to take blame for his silence, for nonfunctioning of ministries under his leadership, for poor performance of economy and more or less everything else. Whereas those who are pulling the string from behind go blameless. How can such a system function? I think either Prime Minister should resign in a dignified manner or he be replaced.

http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/randomaccess/entry/a-raja-is-still-telecom-minister-says-dot-website …

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