Reservation in Education and Job : Is it Any Good?

There was a news published that there are very few professors in IITs, despite government has a reservation policy. This fact coupled with the news that government is introducing bill to introduce quota based promotion in government jobs made me think. IITs are temples of higher learning. People teaching here and those who enroll to study here should be beyond caste, creed and religion. Only thing worshipped here should be knowledge. This may be ideal, but we should try to reach ideal rather than try to drag ideal down to the level of practical.

 If inspite of reservation, students from backward classes  are not able to make it to IITs means either they are not inclined to study in these areas or they are not good enough. Either case why force them to do what they do not or cannot do. If you ask a IIT graduate to become an athelete, and reserve a seat for him based on his upper caste or IIT background, that will be a himalayan blunder. 

Undoubtedly upper castes have done lot of bad things to SC / STs, especially, SCs. Any many cases injustice is still ongoing. However, is reservation in academic institute and reservation in promotion is the way to improve the lot of backward castes? If our ruling classes really want any good for either SC/ST and even muslims, other than using them as vote banks, then they should work towards improving their living condition, improving their basis education, help them getting easy loans to study hard and compete. If this process is adopted, may be few times people will fail, but eventually they will catch up, There will be no need to ask for reservation.

 Not content with reserving entry, now politicians want whatever miniscule number of professors are there in IIT should become Deans / Directors without actually deserving to be there. How shortsighted and vote bank oriented one can be? BTW most politicians ask for reservation here in India, but educate their kids in US / Australia / Canada / UK. Are they going to ask reservation there also? If these people can compete abroad, why do they demand reservation here in India?

If SCs/STs are abysmally under-represented as faculty members in central universities despite the stated policy of reservation in promotion, their presence in premier IITs is equally marginal. That there is no quota in promotion in IITs makes it even worse, leaving little room for them to occupy senior positions.

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