Is BJP Mature Enough to Lead India?

Increasingly it is appearing that BJP does not have in them what it takes to run this country. BJP strategists are misguided and illinformed about what country needs. Country needs governance, country needs policy formulation, country needs revival of economy, all these can be achieved through parliament not by staying out of it. BJP could have debated the issue along with left and samajwadi party, cornered the government, and asked for a noconfidence motion. If government still does not listen, BJP could have boycotted the parliament. Instead, as a party, BJP is behaving like a stubborn child that uses blackmail as a tool to get what it wants. Logic put forward is congress also stalled NDA government 10 years before, so BJP must do the same. However, a party aspiring to rule this country needs to show more maturity and foresight. Congress definitely is going to pay BJP back in the same coin as opposition. This tit for tat action may not augur well for Indians.

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