Third Front : A Pipe Dream

After ditching Mamata Banerjee during presidential poll, for undisclosed favor, Mulayam Singh is again cosying up to Didi. Netaji had no qualms about badmouthing congress. May be he had his dream of becoming prime minister again. The talk of third front formation is coming up again. 

To me it appears that third front is a platform where blinkered vision regional party leaders fantacize to become prime minister. Usually they come on a pro-poor and anti-rich plank. These people have limited idea of economy, foreign policy, strategic interest, and many other issues that plague our nation. Generaly third front formation remains at the mercy of BJP or Congress to pull the rug at convenient time. In this formation, everyone is a prime minister, and there is no other minister.

 Most prime ministers try to make the most of their stint, by making as many foreign trips with as many near and dear relatives at tax payers money. The friends and relatives of these regional satraps cause havoc in national capital and in respective state capitals. Most people cannot even come to a common platform to fight election. Post election the arrangement becomes that of convenience and not of principle. India should be very wary of these loose coaltitions driven only by personal agenda.

Third front will take shape after ’14 polls: Mulayam – The Times of India

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