BJP Shedding Crocodile Tears on FDI

BJP is being hypocritical when it opposes FDI in retail. Like opposition to nuclear deal, like obstructing parliament function, this party is opposing FDI just because it needs a plank to oppose UPA. However, BJP is not reading national mood. If DUSU election any index, BJP has a lot to worry because young voters are not coming closer to the party.

There is a lot of evidence that FDI in retail benefits end users, it benefits farmers, it prevents wastage of food because storage facilities are created, and so on. Usually these stores are opened away from the city. So there is no effect on kirana stores. In India, Big Bazaar, Subhiksha, Reliance Fresh, etc have had no effect on small stores. Internationally also large supermarkets and corner stores have lived side by side. 

Indians mostly, prefer to by fruits and vegetables in small quantity that is good for a short period. We do not buy a week or month’s supply and store in freezer. Many households do not even have round the clock electricity to have the kind of storage facility as in the West. From that point of view also many people may not be attracted towards supermarkets. However, those who do, will have a wide variety of food items and other materials available to them.ndia is a very diverse country with huge population with huge income disparity. Give people choice to buy what they want and from where they want.

 In the process India gets investment, backend jobs are created, and in general economy grows. Finally, if anyone does not want to implement multibrand retail in their state do not implement, but let others do what they want. Do not spread lies. As leaders of young India, show some faith on Indians. We are not fools.

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