Political Rally or Pure Vandalism

It is becoming a norm these days that vandals under political 
patronage attack police personnel, and more importantly female constables. It happened in Mumbai during Raza academy sponsored protest rally. It again happened during congress sponsored rally in Bhubaneshwar, Odissa. Police women were beaten mercilessly and molested as well. Question remains why a lady officer was sent to tackle a rampaging mob of male protesters? Why was she alone, and why did backup did not come immediately and arrest the people that beat her up?

This attack on police women does not speak well of the organisers of protest rallies. Mr. Tytler who was managing Congress protest in Odisha, claimed it was police brutality that led to violence. However, if police tries to maintain law and order, does the mob has a right to beat and molest a woman police officer? Strangely, the reason for the protest was granting coal block to Mr. Navin Jindal’s group by Odissha government. Point being, congress at the centre is mired in coal block allocation controversy. One whole monsoon session of parliament was washed away due the perceived irregularity in coal block allocation. Did congress not learn any lesson from centres experience and wanted to attack state chief minister? Secondly, Mr. Navin Jindal is a congress member of parliament. Is state congress in Odissa attacking its own party member from another state for manipulating coal block allocation? Finally, does allocation of coal block to Mr. Jindal, not speak volumes about neutrality of Mr. Naveen Patnaik in coal block allocation to a person who belongs to a party that his political adversary?

I think congress in state does not know what is happening at the centre. I also think it is abominable to beat up a female police officer. It shows how our value system has fallen. It also says a lot about police force that lets loose a lady officer to face the wolves without any backup.

http://www.tehelka.com/story_main53.asp?filename=Ne220912Tytler.aspMr Tytler, How do you justify this? The senior Congress leader feels the heat after inciting partymen to go on the rampage, Soumik Mukherjee and Debendra Prusty report.

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