In the Year 2012, Industry a Bad Word in India

Industry, corporation and reforms are bad words in 2012 India. Politicians hate it. Because they have to tell their electorate about hard decisions about to come. Common people hate it because everyone enjoys freebies like subsidised cooking gas, gasoline, electricity etc. Anything that is free has become our birthright. It is easy to get vote by luring carrot of subsidies, than to lead by telling how difficult it is becoming to arrange for these subsidies. When a politician talks about public money, he should remember that it taxpayers, it is us, money. It is taken out forcibly out of our pay cheques at the end of the month, we like it or not. But when Mamata / Mulayam / Karunanidhi proclaim about subsidy, they are using our money to promote their political agenda. These politicians never help identify who are real poor and deserve the subsidy. I have no problem giving subsidy to real needy people in the form of free cooking gas or anything they need.Why does these politicians not tell people to grow up, work hard and earn their subsidy. As much as we love to hate industry, it is these people that create wealth for the country. These are the people that create jobs. Our politicians dole out the wealth that is created by industry, yet hate industrialists. It is like a kid living of his fathers money and hates his dad when additional pocket money is not released. Never mind dad is breaking his back to earn his son’s pocket money. Some world we live in. Long live socialism!

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