Impetuous Mamata Didi

Only history will tell if Mamata Banerjee (affectionately called didi) did the right thing walking out of UPA II in Sep, 2012, and made central government a minority government. She acted on issues that  could have been managed from her end. Till she resigned, didi tolerated 2G, CWG, coalgate and numerous other scams that tumbled... Continue Reading →

Populist Politics of Poverty

In the month of Sep, 2012 fire brand Mamata Banerjee, leader of Trinamool Congress (TMC) decided to withdraw support from the ruling UPAII government at the centre. This happened after central  government led by Dr. Man Mohan Singh introduced a slew of reforms, like raising diesel fuel price, reducing subsidy of cooking gas,  bringing FDI... Continue Reading →

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