Impetuous Mamata Didi

Only history will tell if Mamata Banerjee (affectionately called didi) did the right thing walking out of UPA II in Sep, 2012, and made central government a minority government. She acted on issues that  could have been managed from her end. Till she resigned, didi tolerated 2G, CWG, coalgate and numerous other scams that tumbled out of UPAII’s closet. So her claim of UPAII being corrupt sounds hollow. Didi protested against FDI in retail, citing common peoples interest in mind, an issue she did not even have to implement in her state. Unless didi is assuming the role of chief minister / leader of greater Eastern India, this issue remains non issue from West Bengal point of view. On the point of fuel price hike,  didi could have extended relief to her state by reducing state tax. Infact governments of Delhi and Bihar did exactly that. Didi claimed, may be rightly so, West Bengal state’s financial position is not as strong as that of other states. However, as chief minister of the state, it is imperative that she must do everything to manage her states finances. One solution could be raising revenue and reducing subsidy. There is no doubt didi is one of the most transparent leaders in Indian political scenario. However, politics is not only about all bluster and bravado, but actually getting things done without ruffling feathers. If West Bengal is dependent on centre for running projects and programmes in the state, how is quitting UPA II going to help West Bengal’s cause? May be didi wanted to distance herself from scam tainted UPAII anyway. The FDI in retail and fuel price hike gave her the perfect reason to get out of the alliance. She may win in Bengal, but she made every possible effort that India lost. Finally, she is not all that transparent afterall!

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