UPA II and Second Generation Reform of 2012

It is not clear if government’s job to undertake reform measures will become any easier with Mamata didi out of alliance or not. However, this is the right thing to do for present government in national interest. Political formation/s that will replace TMC are not out there to do charity. These parties will extract their pound of flesh, and may even leave UPA at the alter. By instinct all political parties prefer populist policies. It is easier to get public attention by dangling carrots of sop, than telling people about hard decisions, even though it is the right decision. Economy of country is in bad shape, our population is young, unless oppurtunities are created now, future looks gloomy therefore economic reforms have to be done. There is no denying there will be difficulties. However, when one is not well, doctor gives strong medicine, hoping for a cure. Once UPA II has made a decision to undertake reform, and bitten the bullet, there should be no going back. This will lead to serious credibility gap for prime minister, for UPA II and in general for Indian political decision making process. I am glad at least one political formation has seen the future and decided to act even at the cost of their our survival.  If government falls, country should go for fresh mandate. There is no point continuing in office like a lame duck. 

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