TMC induced Poverty of Vision in Rail Ministry

TMC ministers have finally resigned from UPA II government on 20 Sep, 2012. With this will end the legacy of absentee railway ministers that started with Mamata Banerjee and hopefully ended with Mukul Roy. It is a sacrilege to have ministers like Mamata Banerjee and Mukul Roy for an important ministry like railways. Being a major transporter of massive number of people across length and breadth of our vast country, railways present its own budget every year signifying its importance and magnitude. Yet our rail ministers from TMC had no interes managing problems of railways, for example dirty platform, dirty toilets, poor unhygienic food, poor unclean beddings, poor safety record among others. No modernisation plan ever came out in public domain for discussion. The profit that railways generated during Mr.Lalu Yadav’s time was wiped out during TMC tenure. Only interest of the TMC duo was to use railways to generate jobs in West Bengal and propagate its populist ideas by not increasing fare. The poverty of vision was so acute that TMC ministers could not even think of raising price and raising standard of service at the same time. In their politics of poverty, TMC ministers could not even visualise people also want a clean environment, clean coaches, and travel on time in a safe manner. Is it beyond comprehension that poor may be ready to tolerate price hike if service of railways is improved. Whole world is modernising railways as a environment friendly transport. Countries have high speed trains that travel at 300 km per hour. Our ministers could not think of cutting travel time between Delhi – Kolkata – Mumbai – Chennai from 18 – 36 hours to 6 – 12 hours. This alone has the potential to wean passengers away from air travel. But this kind of thought needs vision, and vision demands brining investment, and investor would request raising fare. An anathema for our populist ministers. By the way now they are out of UPAII what will happen to their favorite railway projects in West Bengal?

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