Ever since Ms. Mamata Banerjee has decided to end relationship with UPA II she is coming up with all kind of charges. Some true and veracity of others difficult to judge. But the simple question remains, didi was a part of the same government for at least 6 years. She and her party colleague had occupied one of the most important portfolio of Railways Ministry. How come didi never had any objection to all the scams that started tumbling out of UPAII cupboard? Didi merrily tolerated them because it was suiting her. May be the then finance minister had taken her down the garden path promising Bengal package. Now after leaving the political formation, her cry of political corruption sounds ingenious. Didi claimed she had protested in private about corruption. Knowing didi, anything that is not upto her liking is never a private matter. She always went to town about her grievance. Remember – Ma – Mati – Manush! Didi now claimed her phone was tapped. God knows if it is true or not? Didi is incharge of Bengal, how can anyone tap her phone without her government knowing? If it had happened, it shows TMC government in poor light. How come didi came to know about her phone being tapped only after coming out of UPAII? By her own admission, didi is an open and transparent person. Her position is always clear. She always opposes any proposal of econonic reform. So everyone from Kashmir to Kanyakumari nows her position on all aspects of her politics. One really has to read the news paper to know what didi is thinking. No one needs to tap her phone.
Regarding utility of phone tapping, in many civilized democracies government through spy agencies tap phones and many other details. In most cases it does not come out in public. If phones are not tapped or more sophisticated forms of surveillance on political opponents is not used, how come we come to know in graphic detail about sex lives and dalliances of presidential hopefulls in the US? Besides, many a time when security agencies tap a phone and thwart a terror attack, they do not reveal how they arrived at the intelligence. Because it may kill the goose that lays golden eggs. It may be unfair to say in India phones of terrorists are never tapped.

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