Kudamkulum Power Station a Dire Necessity

Given the power situation in India, it is important that Kudankulum plant goes into operation. Without power our economy will come to a grinding halt. Without economic regeneration our young population cannot study, cannot get job, hospitals cannot function, and in short all aspects of modern life will be affected. We can stop this process of power generation at our own peril. At present, nuclear energy is one of the cleanest form of energy. However, nuclear energy has its problem. The same can be said about all other methods of power generation as well. Unless we want to go back to preelectricity days, infact many part of India have not yet seen electricity, we have to decide on a method of power generation by weighing pros and con.
Finally, I think the present protest at Kudankulum is politically motivated. Left being seriously out maneuvered during UPA I on the issue of nuclear deal with US, is trying to get back at the government through people like Mr. Uday Kumar. Come to look at it, Mr. Uday Kumar is not amenable to any reason at all. Besides, all left party members and sympathisers are aligning with Mr. Uday Kumar in the name of solidarity with people.  Question is why left always sympathises with a few thousand to few lac people, when close to a billion people are dying to get electricity?

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