India, Society and Women

Greatness of a nation is appreciated by how it treats her women. Most modern democracies have given women equal rights to men. One can see women competing with men in all spheres of life. However, not many countries had so many women in such positions of power at any given time as in India. We... Continue Reading →

Indian Railways Need Visionary Leader

Fare hike will be accepted, provided service is also improved. Indian railway has a long way to go to become a modern, efficient railway system. It should not be looked simply as a medium to transport people packed like sardines, it should be looked into a mode of transport that provides quality transport and service. ... Continue Reading →

Poverty of Vision

In India it appears that our political leadership always wants the easy way out. Being a democratic country, our politicians feel it is easier to ask for vote in exchange for bribe disguised as social justice. It is much more difficult to explain why a country needs to take hard decisions. Neither voter nor the... Continue Reading →

Our Duplicitous Political Leaders

Tavleen Singh in her article in Indian Express laments how our socialist politicians are living way beyond their means. Our political leaders are staying in bungalows that cost nearly 2 lac per month in open market. Each of these bungalows in Lutyen's Delhi cost around 400 - 500 crore rupees. Yet our politicians, their husbands,... Continue Reading →

Choices Before India

In last several months in public perception images of major political parties have been going through a roller coaster ride. In continuity with 2G, CWG and many other scams, came coal gate scam. Despite government plea to debate the issue, the main opposition party did not let the parliament function. Many people felt this was... Continue Reading →

Lest we forget : Ode to fallen soldiers

India is a predominantly peace loving country. Our internal strifes notwithstanding. Our military strategy is defensive. We want to protect our territory. However, do we remember or even honor our heroes that give their lives to protect our boundary? How many of us even know the names of jawans and officers that protected us from Chinese... Continue Reading →

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