Is All Fair in War?

In the battle field of Kurukshetra, Pandavas were fighting for their right and Kauravas were trying to protect their ill gotten wealth. Towards the end, Bhima challenged Duryodhana, who had lost all his friends, relatives and brothers, to come out of his underwater hiding place and fight. In the fight that ensued, Bhima broke Duryodhana’s thigh, to fulfill his promise to Draupadi. Even if Bhima was on the rightside of truth in this battle of Kurukshetra, he was on the wrong side of warriors ethics in this fight with Duryodhana. Two fighters, as taught by their guru Balarama, are not supposed to hit below the belt. Balarama was so upset at Bhima’s transgression, that he himself wanted to fight Bhima to teach a lesson. It took persuation from lord Krishna to pacify Balarama’s anger. 

Compare this to present day Kurushetra of Gujrat election. Today, Gujrat chief minister, Mr. Modi, claimed that government of India has spent nearly 1900 crores of rupees in the treatment of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. Mrs. Gandhi is not well. However, her illness is a closely guarded secret. Gandhi’s have not uttered a single word on the matter. A gentleman who had put forward the RTI query, claimed he did not ask about Mrs. Gandhi’s treatment. His question was about money spent on Mrs. Gandhi’s foreign travel. The activist claimed he did not get much information from the government. The figure he got was in the amount of Rs.75 lac.
I find it to be unfair and in poor taste, in the absence of any correct figure, to drag another persons illness into election fight?  Leader of largest political party is granted certain privilege by the constitution, as does leader of the opposition, past prime ministers and presidents, which may include treatment abroad. Besides, why is congress party or Gandhi’s obliged to respond to query raised in public forum, even if treatment is undertaken with public money? Some people may not want a discussion of their personal battle of life in public.
Finally, is this not against ethics of electoral battle to drag personal issues into electoral battle? Politicians are fighting election, there is not need to make it a personal war. Where is todays Balarama, to chide erring Bhima of electoral Kurukshetra? …

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