Is BJP Led NDA Right Alternative to Replace UPA?

I have no political inclination. I am the so called undecided voter, that votes for the party that is likely to have good policy. I have voted for UPA as well as NDA. This time as scam after scam got exposed, I thought may be NDA’s time has come again. However, I have seen BJP, the major partner of NDA is bogged down in leadership row, continuous obstructionist policy, inability to engage in a dialog process, and finally exhibiting double standards in policies that are likely to benefit a vast majority. An example of destructive path that BJP is willing to follow, BJP has declared that they want to reverse a policy decision inviting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in multibrand retail. The same party, when in  power, wanted to have FDI in retail. Now to oppose policies of UPAII, they are proposing reversing policy decisions. This is very detrimental to our country. By the way, FDI in retail is operational in Punjab, a state ruled by NDA – SAD and BJP combine. It is good for Punjab but bad for nation. 

In order to come to power, this party can do anything. If this is not destabilisaiton of financial policy of Inida, then what else is? All these are making me think, if NDA is the right party to lead India?

 In this scenario, I find even more strange that BJP says SP and BSP have double standard. Atleast, one can predict what is SP / BSPs game plan and ambition, can we say the same about BJP? Does BJP herself not practice double standard one for BJP ruled states and one for rest of India? Does BJP chief minister of Karnataka any less corrupt than what is happening in Centre. At least in centre, we are seeing a presumptive loss, what was happening in Karnataka was a day light robbery. Now it is emerging that a person close to party president of BJP is linked to coal gate and irrigation scam.

 BJP led NDA may still come to power, but not because on its own merit, but because opposition is even worse. …

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