India Needs Strong Accountability from Political Class

It is emerging as breaking news in NDTV that Mr. Nitin Gadkari and Mr. Prakash Javdekar, one BJP president and the other BJP spokesman, had written letter to central government recommending release of nearly 400 cr of money in favor of Mr. Sancheti. It is worth remembering that in multi thousand crore irrigation scam of Maharasthra, Mr. Sancheti is an active player. He along with people close to Ajit Pawar had acquired land, tried to build canal and build dam so that drought prone areas of Vidharva region of Maharashtra gets water. As it turned out after spending 78000 crores of rupees only 0.1% land has got water. Meanwhile, nearly 8000 farmers have committed suicide. In this context, it is absurd that president and spokes person of a party that stops parliament to function demanding resignation of prime minister, write letter supporting a scamster. Even more hypocritical is the fact that on political front Mr. Gadkari is opposed to the dam. But on personal front he writes letter recommending his friend’s money be released. On national TV, an activist had claimed she had met Mr. Gadkari. Mr. Gadkari had refused to act againist Mr. Ajit Pawar citing business interest. Mr. Javdekar had defended Mr. Gadkari and rubbished the allegation of activist. It now appears that Mr. Gadkari and Mr. Javdekar are hand in glove. What gives BJP the moral rigth to question UPA, given its record on Reddy brothers, Yeddyurappa, now Gadkari and Javdekar?

Now Robert Vadra, son in law of Mrs Sonia Gandhi, also under the scanner for corruption it appears that  politicians are milking this country with their son, daughter, son in law, daughter in law, you name it, they done it. 
This allegation on Robert Vadra, public will be even more sceptical and sinical about politicians and their business interest. Opposition politicians, who are honest but devoid of vision, will get teeth to oppose prime minister’s reform process. I think in the interest of country and the posterity, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi must force Mr. Vadra to give a statement and clarify his position. Who gives 60 crores unsecured loan to anyone based on friendship, unless they expect a bigger return? Mrs. Gandhi must choose between reputation of party, which by the way is very low at this time, and family ties and family honor.

This is the same place where Mahabharata had played out. Dhritarashtra had chosen family over truth and got destroyed lock stock and barrel. Now in the same Hastinapur, Sonia Gandhi must choose between truth and family, and salvage her honor. I hope Mrs. Gandhi does the right thing. …

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