Indians Need Better Toilet Habbit

Recently, our rural development minister Shri Jairam Ramesh had suggested that in India toilets are more important than temples. Many people have taken offence to ministers statement. However, given the fact that India has largest number of people that defecate in the open, I think our minister has said the very correct thing.

We in India have forgotten that cleanliness is godliness. We go to temples and litter the place right next to it. We go to Haridwar and throw plastic bags containing flower and sweets into water. It pollutes the mother Ganges, chokes soil and generally clogs up water channels. Inspite of requests not to throw plastic waste in water, no one listens. May be we think this is the closest way to send message to god.

About public toilets less said is better. No body cleans these places, except if these are in VIP zones. Our public toilets are our national shame. Public toilets are filthy, unclean and generally unusable. It is not that these cannot be cleaned.  Our hierarchical society thinks cleaning toilet is a lowly job not fit for upper class people. Our lack of civic sense combined with our lack of willingness to enforce a sense of duty among people that clean these places are majorly responsible. Toilets can be cleaned if people pay to use them. Our socialist mindset stops us from paying for anything, let alone toilets. However, toilets where people pay for use, like Sulabh Souchalaya, are generally clean.

Toilets are the worst part of every household. Everyone knows where it is, everyone uses it, but no one wants to clean it. In villages, people build toilet to pocket government grant, but go to fields for defecation. This habbit does not change when these people migrate to city. If one drives along higways in the early dawn, one can see people squatting by the roadside. In Delhi, national capital, many irregular colonies do not have toilets. Kids sit by roadside to ease themselves. Same is the story for every unauthorised colonies by the rail track.

Apart from being a pure eye sore, this defecating habbit leads to infection of gastrointestinal tract. We Indians get very angry, but the most drug resistant bacteria NDM1, derives its name from New Delhi. This bacteria if infects a person, no known antibiotic drugs works. 

So for our own good we must change our hygiene.

It is needed that government gives massive health education, force people to use toilets, build scientific toilets that need less water, and penalise people that defecate in the open. Even unauthorised colonies must have toilets, either paid communal toilets or private ones. Without  toilets no colony must be allowed to come up. Otherwise, inspite of so many gods, we are bound to be doomed and go to hell. Gods only help them, who help themselves. It is funny we think of sending human to space, but still defecate in the open.

Toilets more important than temples: Jairam Ramesh

Union Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh on Friday sparked a row by saying, “Toilets are more important in India than temples.” He was speaking at the launch of the ‘Nirmal Bharat Yatra’, a campaign aimed at ending open defecation in the country, at Sewagaram Ashram in Wardha district. “Iss de…

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