Robert Vadra : A Royal Congress Liability

There may be many twists in Robert Vadra saga. One is for sure he has got DLF to give him Rs 60 crore without any guarantee. Who does it, unless there is long term benefit? Anyone tried getting 20 lac loan from any bank knows the amount of paperwork and guarantee is your fulltime job backed by salary certificate and proof of income tax record. Vadra got unsecured 65 crore, may be little for DLF, but definitely way above Vadra who was 50 lac worth. It is clear that guarantee has to be proximity to power and whatever benefit comes with it. Kejriwal and Bhushan are claiming that through this deal with Vadra DLF got prime land at convenient price and they shared part of this with Vadra.
Is this a crime? It certainly is using proximity to power for someones benefit. Even more criminal if land was taken from villagers  for setting industry, but it ended up with DLF for making apartment. Did villagers get due compensation, only time will tell. Can governments acquire land for one purpose and use it for other? I do not think it is right.
This issue of Vadra making a lot of money through real-estate business has been doing rounds for sometime. Vadra had announced joining this business. Was the choice because of his proximity to power? BJP apparently had discussed this issue and decided not to hit congress with this. They did not want to make political battle personal.
Is this a coincidence that this expose hit the news channels and news stands when BJP president and his associate were in trouble due to irrigation scam? Is this BJPs way of mutually assured destruction? Who supplied Bhushan’ the lead and paper work? A mystery? Why was it not pursued earlier, a bigger mystery. Why Bhushan not willing to go to court, surprises one and all.
Nevertheless in the eye of public perception, this is one more major blow to congress image. It appeared party was recovering some image after BJP needlessly blocked parliament function during monsoon session and opposed FDI in retail. Moreover, BJP name also surfaced in coal block allocation scam and irrigation scam. However, the present news involving Robert Vadra may have a devastating effect on public opinion. People will become more an more sinical about politics and politicians. Visionless politicians of left and Mamata Banerjee will have more effective argument to scuttle Dr. Singh’s reform measures. Oppurtunistic politicians like Mulayam, Mayawati and Karnunanidhi will have more bargaining power. In this scenario, only way out for Congress is to let Mr. Vadra speak for himself. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi must allow force Robert Vadra to come out clean and speak to public about his dealings with DLF.
Remember this is the same Hastinapur, where Dhritarashtra blinded by his love for Duryodhana, condoned all misdeeds and misdemeanors of Kauravas, and scripted their downfall and death. I hope Sonia Gandhi will rise above family ties and seek the truth and only truth from Robert Vadra. Only then the image of Congress and UPA will be salvaged, nothing less will do.

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