Should Dhoni be Fired as Indian Captain?

ICC cricket championship in twenty over limited format is over in Sri Lanka. Final was played at Premadasa Stadium in Colombo on 7th Oct, 2012. Most unpredictably, a feature that is hallmark of this ultra short version of cricket, West Indies have beaten hosts Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka was hot favorite to win the tournament because of their current form, balanced batting attacke and potent bowling attack. However, in spite of restricting West Indies batsmen to a modest total by T20 standard, Sri Lanka could not chase the total down. This failure has lead to resignation of Sri Lankan captain Mahela Jayawardene.

India was also one of the pretournament favorites. However, India could not make it to the semifinals of the tournament. India exited at the quarterfinal stage. Predictably, there is call for head of captain and coach of Indian team. Before we ask for Indian captain, Mahender Singh Dhoni’s head, it is important to remember that Dhoni has given us two world cups in T20 and 50 over formats. Under Dhoni’s leadership only, Indian attained number one test team ranking. 
 When we calm down and stop our breast beating, we must acknowledge that India beat England, Pakistan and South Africa, none of them pushovers. We played one bad match, Dhoni gave a bad interview, we are out and baying for Dhoni’s head. 
 I do not think there is need to go to town about India not making it to the semifinal or final of T20. We would like to win every tournament India plays, but it is a game of cricket and every team has good and bad days.  There is the intangible factor that we cannot discount. It is important to accept that winning and losing are part of the game and a captain must experiment otherwise game becomes boring. Accept it, it was a tough ask to beat South Africa by 34 runs or to restrict them to a score of 120. That day Pakistan had also played better than India. 
All said and done, India has won two matches in super series and lost one. It has beaten England, Pakistan and South Africa, that is no mean task. Dhoni’s captaincy is being criticised. But Dhoni is known to do unusual things. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. May be he has made a blunder leaving Harbhajan out, but that is the beauty of human judgement, it can be wrong or it can do miracleBeauty of Dhoni is he loves to experiment. In the process, he sometimes makes mistakes, which is easy to pick in hindsight. However, if same gamble pays, we call the man a genius.

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