Chowmein : An Aphrodisiac!

What is it with rape, that makes Indian politicians get all confused and start making absurd statements? Rape, a worst form of physical violence and degradation, is very common in male dominated Indian society. Rape is used by men to settle score with women. Victims are threatened by perpetrators, who are often from rich and powerful section of society. Recently, a girl was sexually assaulted and act was photographed. Father of the girl unable to bear the humiliation committed suicide.  Thereafter, several other such incidence have happened, not only in Haryana but also in other states namely West Bengal.

In Haryana, boys are favored offsprings. This state has a feudal and patriarchal system. In this state ratio of boy to girl is skewed in favor of boys. On the other hand, in West Bengal chief minister is a lady. One would expect that a rape victim would get a sympathetic hearing in this state. But what does our politicians and social leaders do? They do not advice boys not to engage in rape. Politicians and social leaders, do not advocate strong and exemplary punishment for the criminals. They come up with bizarre statement like marry off girls. The worthy leaders of society also felt that eating chowmein results in rape, among other things. Chief minister from West Bengal  felt that too much free mixing  between boys and girls leads to promiscuous relationship and rape.

What does chowmein got to do with rape?  Has  chowmein turned into an aphrodisiac in Haryana? Question comes, does it work for men or women?  if chowmein affects male libido, then rapist boys are to blame. First, why they ate chowmein and second who fed them? Is it the girls who fed them chowmein to get raped? However, to be fair to boys, it must be sex crazy girls! Since boys are blameless and harmless in Haryana, they fall prey to chowmein fed libidinous girls. Just how much chowmein the girl had, who committed suicide after having herself raped by innocent boys? What a shame, first you eat chowmein then you burn yourself to death! All to shame innocent boys of Haryana! 
In West Bengal, rape is generally contextualised in the light of a leftist conspiracy. This was further supported by the recent information on the effect  of chowmein on girls getting raped? Come to think of it, chowmein comes from China. Who is ruling China – the communist party, can you connect the dots to CPM and left? May be one should. However, the ultimate sufferer will probably be chowmein stalls in West Bengal, which will be shut to prevent rape.

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3. Status of Women in India

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