Autumn : The Season When Good Prevails over Evil

Autumn is a special season in Indian calender. Clear blue sky with patches of floating white cloud and bright sunshine makes every morning beautiful and days worth looking forward to. This is the season of festivals. Starting with Navratri and Durga puja and ending with Deepavali and Kali Puja.




Navratri signifies nine nights and ten days when mother Durga is worshipped in nine distinct names and forms. Ramayana says during these nine nights Lord Rama prayed for the blessing of mother before is final battle with Ravana, the king of Lanka. On the final day, Lord Rama goes to battle against Ravana and defeats him. All through nine Navratri nights, Ramaleela is enacted and on the final day big replica of Ravana, Kumbhkarna and Indrajeet are set on fire, signifying victory of Rama over Ravana, good over evil.




Around the same time mother Durga with her daughters comes to her mothers home. Arrival of daughter is celebrated with food  and festivities. After four days, on the vijaya dashami day, mother goes back to her husband – Shivji’s abode in the Himalayas. A pall of gloom descends over devotees, and wait begins for mother’s visit next year. 

Mother Durga, essentially signifies strength. Her ten arms carry ten weapons including a conch. She rides a lion and slays a demon. Mother blows her conch and invites demon, in the form of a buffalo – Mahishasura, to battle and comes out victorius. 




What does this battle mean to us? At this time in my life, to me this battle  means, as Indians we must declare our fight against corruption and the corrupt. Like proverbial Mahishura, corruption has made common man’s life miserable. Let ten arms of mother Durga emerge as ten different arms of government that must be unleashed against the corrupt. It is time good prevails over the bad.

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