Our Duplicitous Political Leaders

Tavleen Singh in her article in Indian Express laments how our socialist politicians are living way beyond their means. Our political leaders are staying in bungalows that cost nearly 2 lac per month in open market. Each of these bungalows in Lutyen’s Delhi cost around 400 – 500 crore rupees. Yet our politicians, their husbands, wives, relatives and cronies keep on occupying these prime real estates. They do not vacate bungalows even after they lose election, in the hope that next government will fall soon and they may win next impending election.  Many claim their security will be compromised if they live at any other place. Ms. Singh suggests that bugalows be sold to businessmen who can afford. Money generated can be used to construct low cost housing for mango people. Our honorable socialist members of parliament should stay where common people stay or they hostels should be created for them in Rashtrapati bhawan comples. 
Tavleen Singh is such a humorless person. She takes all enjoyment out of politics and winning election. She wants our leaders stay like poor mango people in one room tenement or hostel. She wants Air India privatised or dismantled. How will our leaders travel abroad first class?  Nevermind our honorable external affairs minister reads Portuguese delegation’s speech in the UN, but should not be reason to cut his travel expense. How will our leaders show India’s greatness at taxpayers expense? What is the point in being in politics if you cannot lord over people and spend their money as their own? 
It is one thing to preach, other to practice. For example, All India Trinamool Congress, is a party that follows socialist philosophy to the core. During their tenure as railways ministers, Ms. Mamata Banerjee and Mr. Mukul Roy, railway fare was not allowed to increase. Railway safety was abyssmal. Railway services were one of worst category. Dirty platforms, dirty tracks, dirty toilets in trains, bad food, unhygineic food, you name it our railways had no money to improve. Yet how does our socialist minister visits accident site at Nellore after Tamil Nadu Express fire? Look at the picture. Minister travelled with his entourage in a saloon car. There was a red carpet when he alighted from the coach. Platform was sanitised with perfume. The cost of all these was close to 1.2 crore. This in a cash starved railways. This, when minister could have driven 3 hours to the accident site. This when same facility was not extended to injured passengers that came to the same station.  This, when minister was unwilling to extend basic service to paying customers of railways. There was no guarantee that a person will reach home safe while travelling on raiways. 
 What hypocrisy! Such double standard is prevalent in all socialist economies. USSR had one standard for politbureau members and another for common citizens. We know how Chinese elite are amassing wealth while poor languish. In India highly vocal Trina Mool Congress, champion of poor, follow one philosophy for public consumption and another for their personal lives. People must teach these hyporcits a lesson.
But our politicians are enterpreneural. Even if they are evicted of their cushy house, or their body guard withdrawn or their perks curtailed, they can always lease out a mine or two to billionaires, in return to stay in the Lutyens Delhi Bungalow, or private body guard or private jet at corporate expense. Do not under estimate them. Afterall, why should any one give up perks that someone else pays for?


 Red carpet welcome for Mukul Roy at Nellore a day after TN …

Time to move : Tavleen Singh

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