Sachin and Indian Cricket

India under the leadership of Kapil Dev had won the limited over championship in 1983. However, those days we did not have access to television and 24/7 coverage. We acquired a TV set, however, coverage of cricket match was suspended for some government sponsored broadcast. When cricket broadcast was resumed, India had almost won the... Continue Reading →

FDI in Retail and Functioning Parliament

It is a good news that government of India has agreed to allow debate on the topic of FDI in retail followed by voting. It is heartening that opposition parties have agreed to let the parliament function. Government had allowed 51% ownership of Foreign Direct Investment in Retail business. Although it was a policy decision,... Continue Reading →

Strange Predicament of Indian Team

India lost second cricket test against England in Wankhede, Mumbai. There are few points that stand out. The same team had played and beaten England convincingly just seven days before in Gujrat. Based on the discomfiture of English players against spin attack, Indian captain demanded a spinner friendly pitch in Mumbai. India got a spinning... Continue Reading →

2G Spectrum Allocation Saga

Spectrum is a national resource and a scarce commodity. Government allocates spectrum to telecom industry. However, allocation of 2G spectrum has been mired in controversy. It started as rumour in Delhi's grapevines. Pioneer, a newspaper, carried exposé on the matter at regular interval. It was becoming evident that something was not right in allocation of... Continue Reading →

Two Cities, Two Deaths, Different Reactions

On 15th Nov, 2012 three people passed away. One was Balasaheb Thakre in Mumbai and other two Ponty a.ka. Gurdeep Chaddha and his brother Hardeep Chaddha in Delhi. However, comparison ends there.  Balasaheb died after protracted illness. Ponty and his brother shot each other. Balasaheb had created Shiv Sena party. Shiv Sena had ruled the... Continue Reading →

India’s Foreign Policy Dilemma

Ms Aung Sung Suu Kyi visited India on the 14th of Nov, 2012. This was the day on birth anniversary of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, first prime minister of India. Ms Suu Kyi is the voice of democracy in Myanmar. She has recently been freed from house arrest. She is also a member of Myanmar... Continue Reading →

Travails of Pinki Paramanik

Pinki Paramanik is a celebrated athlete. Pinki got 4 x 400 metre gold in Doha Asian Games in 2006 in ladies category. Recently, Pinki was accused of rape by her live in partner. Pinki had to undergo sex determination test at local police station. Despite Pinki's plea test was undertaken by male police officers. Thereafter,... Continue Reading →

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