Kejriwal and His Exposes

Another press conference by Arvind Kejriwal has happened on 9th Nov, 2012 . This is his fourth expose, after DLF – Robert Vadra, Salman Khurshid and his trust, and Nitin Gadkari and his business. This time, Kejriwal’s target is a multinational bank and several prominent business people and politicians that have account in the bank. Mr. Kejriwal announced that the state black money is routed through the bank and put in its Swiss account. Mr. Kejriwal argued that such unaccounted dealing in money may have the potential to endanger national security. Frankly speaking expose after expose by Mr. Kejriwal and his team is getting tiresome. People are losing track of cases as there is no followup. After initial sensationalism, everything is back to as usual. Is the tactics fundamentally wrong? How is this going to change the way business is done in India? Unless atleast one case is progressed to conclusion and lesson learnt adopted for framing better rules, is anything going to change on the ground?

Ms. Tavleen Singh, a senior journalist, has launched a scathing attack on Arvind Kejriwal. However, as much we may dislike Arvind Kejriwal and his tactics, it is not fair to compare him to a pest. To be fair, Arvind Kejriwal is raising his voice for a cause and against a system that is brutally corrupt. It affects all of us at every level. To top it all when such a charge is made, our politicians, from ruling and opposition parties, pat their back and give each other a clean chit. There is no probe, no explanation nothing. What should a sane person do? Kejriwal could have sat there like most of us, grinned and borne it. However, he is made of a different mettle. We must appreciate that. 
If Arvind Kejriwal will be a good politician or not we should let voters decide.

Personally i think Kejrwal is virulently left leaning and antimarket. Kejriwal’s economic policy will be going back to licence permit raj. He will nationalise all assets and distribute them, hoping the distributor is honest.  I would shudder to think what will happen to India growth story, if Kejriwal is elected. However, that is long way to happen. Being a democracy, I shall still think that voters should decide if they would like Kejriwal to lead them.

IE Mobile – Tax Inspector Kejriwal – The real Arvind Kejriwal emerged last week and proved that his first career choice was the right one.

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