Travails of Pinki Paramanik

Pinki Paramanik is a celebrated athlete. Pinki got 4 x 400 metre gold in Doha Asian Games in 2006 in ladies category. Recently, Pinki was accused of rape by her live in partner. Pinki had to undergo sex determination test at local police station. Despite Pinki’s plea test was undertaken by male police officers. Thereafter, several tests have been done by doctors as well as police officials. Pinki’s sex remained ambiguous. 
It has suggested that Pinki’s partner had been blackmailing Pinki for money. It has also come to light that some well connected real estate agent had been trying to grab Pinki’s property, that she was awarded as a result of her gold medal winning feat. All these facts may have bearing on Pinki Paramanik case. However, for the case against Pinki to stand, it has to be proven that Pinki is a man. Recently, police have decided to chargesheet against Pinki as a man.  
Let us consider the following facts. Pinki had undergone medical test after her gold medal winning feat. If she was not a women, it would have been proven then and there. Her gold medal would have been snatched. However, Pinki’s sexuality stood the test. It is worth remembering that three different tests by police and clinicians, on Pinki’s sexuality, remained ambiguous. Indicating that the case is not as open and shut as it is made out to be. It has been reported that at least three differnt tests are undertaken to establish sexuality of a person. Chromosome analysis, hormonal balance, psychology and phyical examination. Even if the first three parameters indicate a person to be of a given sexual orientation, if their physical parameter indicate otherwise, then the person can have different sexuality than his physical appearance may suggest. According to this point, even if Pinki may be a male by his chromosome pattern, if Pinki does not have male sex organ can Pinki be accused of rape? That is the crux of the point. 
Should opinion of medical experts not be taken more seriously in this case, compared to that offered by police officers. At best our police officers are poorly trained in the matter of science, in this case there is complex biology. Based on incomplete understanding, should an accomplished athelete be harrassed in the manner Pinki is being harassed? … …

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