India’s Foreign Policy Dilemma

Ms Aung Sung Suu Kyi visited India on the 14th of Nov, 2012. This was the day on birth anniversary of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, first prime minister of India. Ms Suu Kyi is the voice of democracy in Myanmar. She has recently been freed from house arrest. She is also a member of Myanmar parliament. Ms. Suu-Kyi delivered a lecture in India. In her lecture, Ms. Suu-Kyi expressed her disappointment for Indian stand on Myanmar democracy. According to her, India should have been more vocal in her support for democratic movement in Myanmar as well as India should not have opened business relationship with military dictatorship in Myanmar. Several, commentators in India have also commented on poor condition of refugess from Myanmar. Similar comments have also been made  about refugess from Tibet and India’s support for Tibetan freedom movement. Here is a point of view, why and how India has to walk a tightrope in the neighborhood.
Everyone agrees that being a practicing democracy under the most trying and testing conditions, India has certain responibilities. However, how far can India stretch herself to speak for or help others is a matter of debate. Yes India must standup to China. India must advice Myanmar. India must help East Pakistan get her freedom. India must help Sri Lanka eradicate LTTE menace. But at what cost?

Intervention in Bangladesh, is being paid through insurgency in Punjab, J&K. Rajiv Gandhi sacrificed his life in the hands of LTTE terrorists. China interferes in North East and Burma gave sanctuary to Assamese (ULFA and Bodo), Naga, Mizo separatists. Many of these groups are also armed and 

funded by neigboring countries with common border with India. Many of these rebels create havoc in India, kill innocent people, kill armed forces and take refuge in hostile territory. Demography of one state has been altered significantly due to illegal migration from a neighboring country.

Unless India has a friendly relation with these countries, India cannot even start talking on the issue of sheltering anti India forces. One condition for a relationship is stop interfering in other countries internal affairs, no matter how diabolical these affairs may be. If India points a finger at another country in the neighborhood, five fingers are pointed at her internal problems, never mind these are fueled by insurgents living in our neighbors territory. 

Unlike US, UK, or European nations, that live far apart and are not affected by compulsions of geography, situation is very different for India. It is very easy to create a problem in India on any flimsy pretext. India has tried to give refuse to people battered and bruised from other nation. It has followed a policy of nonpersecution of people based on caste, creed and ethnicity. However, those expect moon from us, must realise India is a deseperately poor country. Many people are illiterate, many people go hungry to bed, people have problem of drinking water, sanitation etc. Under these circumstances, India has limited ability and limited voice. It must conserve all energy to help her own people first, become strong, then raise voice to help others.

Suu Kyi saddened by India’s ties to  junta

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