Pujara : A Long Way Away From Greatness

India is playing first test of 4 test series at home in India against England. Venue is Motera, Gujrat. India has scored a mammoth 500 runs plus. On the third day before lunch, England has lost 6 wickets for less than 100 runs. Many are anticipating England will follow on, a humiliation, and eventual Indian win. 




It is well known that English players do not play spin bowling well. Success of Indian spinners further attest to this fact. It is also well known that Indian batters do well in slow pitches of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Predictably, Virender Sewhag who was out of form for best part of one and a half year, has scored a rapid fire century. Debutant Cheteshwar Pujara has also scored his maiden double century. As usual unabashed adulation has started. The same people who were baying for blood of Indian cricketers after debacle in England and Australia last year, are back. Report appearing on the greatness of Sehwag. People are comparing Cheteshwar Pujara with legendary Rahul Dravid.




The following are my thoughts. i think we should treat cricket as a game. Winning and losing are part of the game. Sometime, players have a good day, good mental status, and sometime players have a bad day. A resourceful captain mobilies his resources according to his instinct. Some times he is right, and sometimes he goes wrong. The same goes for all players and coaching staff in the team. I am glad that Cheteshrwar Pujara has scored double century in his debut test. It shows his determination, and character. However, it is premature to compare him with Dravidid. Firstly, this is playing in front of home crowd, on a familiar pitch. The pitch is neither bouncy, nor swing friendly. Pujara has to do well in Australia, South Africa, England and rest of the world. He has to play against pace battery of Australia and South Africa, and perform. He has to perform when India is crumbling against a big total, and rescueIndia. Then and only then Pujara should merit mention in the same league as Dravid. Also remember our heroes came back as zeroes frow away tours abroad. The same people showering adulation will be on Pujara’s throat if he fails. This is cricket game, do not get carried away so easily.


Let us treat this game in Motera also as one of the many games that have played in the past and will be played in future. We shall win some we shall lose some. We must be happy when team wins, we should forgive players when they fail. We must nurture young talents like Pujara, make him grow like a banyan tree, before we start comparing them with legends like Rahul Dravid. In the end, however, we are emotional Indian. We shall remain as we are.



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