Nirbhaya Gone : What Next

Mortal remains of Nirbhaya returned to India in the early morning and body cremated under tight security. As more and more news emerge of theo unspeakable and unimaginable brutality the six beasts subjected to Nirbhaya, it is imperative that this must never be allowed to be forgotten. More I read, more I shudder what the... Continue Reading →

Nirbahaya, No More

The girl, some called Nirbhaya, some called Damini, who was raped brutally in a moving bus in Delhi, passed away. Her intestines ripped, raped despite and left to die by the street. She battled for seven days with death. Finally death won. She was snatched away. Brutes won. Death won. My eyes welling up. A... Continue Reading →

India, Women and Sexual Violence

Every once in a while, incidences catch people by such force that we are stirred out of our slumber. The brutal rape of a 23 year paramedical student in Delhi on the night of 16th Dec, 2012 was one such incidence. Rapes happen in Delhi at regular frequency. There is usual noise and debate. Then... Continue Reading →

Politicians in Sports Bodies

In many countries, a great sports person usually occupies the post of a sports administrator. Argument being, a sports person can understand how another sports person feels or needs before, during and after a competition. Accordingly environment, training program and facilities are created. For some strange reason, most sports bodies are occupied by politicians as administrators.... Continue Reading →

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