Nirbahaya, No More

The girl, some called Nirbhaya, some called Damini, who was raped brutally in a moving bus in Delhi, passed away. Her intestines ripped, raped despite and left to die by the street. She battled for seven days with death. Finally death won. She was snatched away. Brutes won. Death won. My eyes welling up. A feeling of emptiness surrounds me. India’s Amanat, our Nirbhaya is no more. She left us for a better world. May god give her peace in her death.
Let her death not go in vain. First, all the brutes irrespective of their age must be given exemplary punishment. Change criminal law if needed. I think death penalty will be too easy. Let the brutes be given multiple life sentences and throw away the keys. One of the key accused is believed to be a juvenile. Let not technicalities not come in between delivery of justice. If he slips out, he will commit such acts again.
Second, support other Nirbhaya’s that suffer everyday by our insensitive politicised police force and lackadaisical criminal justice system. Bring any massive change in academic curriculum and society on gender sensitisation. Give autonomy to police. At least, free police from the clutches of politicians. Thus, officers can act without fear or favour. Destiny and career of officers should not be controlled by politicians. An independent police force alone can act against criminals.
Lastly, bring succor to the family of Nirbhaya. She was their life. Let not scatter away two more lives with Nirbhaya’s passing away.

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